Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Early Modern Bishops of Clonfert

The following is taken from Fr. Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy at p. 309-10:

According to de Burgo, bishop of Ossory, Richard Nangle was advanced by King Henry VIII but was superseded by Clement VII. Roland de Burgo was promoted by the bull of this Pontiff in October 1534 and Roland died in 1580 worn out with age and infirmity.

Thaddeus O'Ferrall, a Dominican, was promoted in 1587 to this see in the pontificate of Sixtus V. In his old age he was as anxious as in the spring of life to propagate the Catholic faith for which he undertook much labor. He died at Kinsale in the year 1602.

John Burke translated to Tuam A.D. 1646, Walter Lynch acting as Vicar Apostolic. Walter Lynch, the vicar Apostolic of Tuam, was bishop of Clonfert, a doctor of both laws, civil and canon. He died in exile at Raab in Hungary.

Thaddeus MacKeogh was bishop of Clonfert in 1671, was a Dominican of the abbey of Roscommon. Having finished his studies in Spain at Pampeluna and having preached in his native country during a series of years with great spiritual profit, he went to London during the persecution of Cromwell and remained some months with Ulick de Burgo, marquis of Clanrickard. When promoted to the see of Clonfert he immediately returned and governed his flock sixteen years as a most vigilant pastor and died A.D. 1687, and was buried at Kilcorban.

Maurice Donnellan, bishop in 1698.

Ambrose O'Madden in 1701.

Peter Donnellan bishop in 1742.

Andrew O'Donnellan, coadjutor in 1776, succeeded in 1777, died in 1780.

Philip O'Heily, bishop in 1780.

William Coyle, soadjutor in 1780, succeeded 1781, died in 1787.

Thomas Costello, consecrated in 1787, died in 1831.

Thomas Coen, a dean of Maynooth was bishop of Milevi and coadjutor bishop of Clonfert in 1816. Succeeded in 1831 and died in the summer of 1847.

John Deny having finished his studies at Maynooth as a firstrate student being under age for ordination was appointed junior dean of the college. Subsequently joined the mission of his native diocese and was promoted to the see and consecrated on the 21st of September 1847.